So here’s the thing, I *love* love stories. They make me teary. My voice goes up an octave and I fan my face like a 16-year-old who was just retweeted by Harry Styles. So believe me when I say this, I am so excited to meet you and help you tell your story through photographs.

Your love story is my full-time job. Nearly every weekend, one of you trusting souls invites me into your life & along for the ride on your *big* day. I make sure to capture every moment and detail— every kiss, every cuddle, every wink— every laugh, every awkward moment, & every nose pick (yes, I saw that!). Then, on the weekdays, (after Monday. My Monday’s look like this.) I sit up in my studio above the Silver Spoon Cafe and sort, edit, & crop your in-love faces into a happy, cohesive, & connected story about the two of you (laughing, dancing, and smooshing faces included!)
Aside from the business-y part of my life, if you’re still interested, here are a few more things about me:
  • I am a wife, artist, and lover of Jesus, color, wiener dogs, houseplants, & Dunkin’ Donuts (or at least that’s what my instagram profile says).
  • I am fluent in both sarcasm and animated gifs.
  • 5 years ago I married my best friend, Caleb– you may see him helping out with photo shoots in the summer when he is not teaching at Portage High School. He’s a math teacher- it’s one of the reasons I married him… I don’t do numbers.
  • I have a houseplant problem… I think we’re up to 34 of them… I spend way too much time indoors editing photos… so maybe it’s my way of pretending I live in a jungle?
  • Dunkin’ Donuts > Starbucks. IMO.
  • Caleb and I have 2 small dogs. One looks like a vicious sausage and the other one is, well, simple… (but he’s cute, so at least he has that going for him…)
  • I have terrible handwriting and I use *way* too many smiley faces in my emails. I tried to stop, I really did. But it’s like my keyboard has a mind of its own and that little happy emoticon appears whether I like it or not.
  • I watch The Weather Channel… for fun.
  • I’ve concluded that plastic easter grass is the stuff of nightmares. #itseverywhere #getitoff
  • Every Sunday, after church, I sit on my couch and have a very important and highly regarded bowl of Lucky Charms. While I partake in this ritual, I like to sit next to my husband and pretend to understand football. Go Sports Team! (If you get that last reference, bonus points. We will be the best of friends.)
  • I majored in journalism (and art/photography) and I am weirdly good at Googling things… yea I know. Talent.
If you still want to be seen with me in public after reading all the above, I would LOVE to meet you! (Or not… I’m down with just emailing and texting as well for all you introverts out there.) But if you’d like to meet, how about for coffee? I like coffee; coffee turns strangers into friends; and I’m all about new friends. I’m also happy to Skype with you! Then I don’t have to wear pants…
I can’t wait to start working with you!

Oh, I almost forgot, disclaimer, if your DJ plays “Wobble Baby” at your reception, I will stop everything… and wobble. I will also indeed shuffle, shake it off, and uptown funk you up. For an example of my dancing, please see below.