So here’s the thing, I love love stories. They make me teary. My voice goes up an octave and I fan my face like a 16-year-old who was just retweeted by Harry Styles. So believe me when I say this, I am so excited to meet you and help you tell your story through photographs.

Your love story is my full-time job. Nearly every weekend, one of you trusting souls invites me into your life & along for the ride on your big day. I make sure to capture every moment and detail— every kiss, every cuddle, every wink— every laugh, every awkward moment, & every nose pick (yes, I saw that!).  Then, on the weekdays, (after Monday. My Monday’s look like this.)  I sit up in my studio above the Silver Spoon Cafe and sort, edit, & crop your in-love faces into a happy, cohesive, & connected story about the two of you (laughing, dancing, and smooshing faces included!)

Aside from the business-y part of my life, if you’re still interested, here are a few more things about me:
  • I am a wife, artist, and lover of Jesus, color, wiener dogs, houseplants, WoodWick candles, & Dunkin’ Donuts (or at least that’s what my instagram profile says).
  • 5 years ago I married my best friend, Caleb– you may see him helping out with photo shoots in the summer when he is not teaching at Portage High School. He’s a math teacher- it’s one of the reasons I married him… I don’t do numbers.
  • I have a houseplant problem… I think we’re up to 34 of them… I spend way too much time indoors editing photos… so maybe it’s my way of pretending I live in a jungle?
  • Dunkin’ Donuts > Starbucks. IMO.
  • Caleb and I have 2 small dogs. One looks like a vicious sausage and the other one is, well, simple… (but he’s cute, so at least he has that going for him…)
  • I have terrible handwriting and I use *way* too many smiley faces in my emails. I tried to stop, I really did. But it’s like my keyboard has a mind of its own and that little happy emoticon appears whether I like it or not.
  • My husband and I live in a pretty white farmhouse, on our landlord’s ranch, outside of Valparaiso. In our backyard you are bound to find, but are not limited to, 4 peacocks, 2 emus, 2 miniature donkeys, 1 llama, 1 potbelly pig, and a handful of horses. I LOVE living there. Even more than that, I love watching my husband try to figure out how to thrive outside of the “big” city.
  • I’ve concluded that plastic easter grass is the stuff of nightmares. #itseverywhere #getitoff
  • Every Sunday, after church, I sit on my couch and have a very important and highly regarded bowl of Lucky Charms. While I partake in this ritual, I like to sit next to my husband and pretend to understand football. Go Sports Team! (If you get that last reference, bonus points. We will be the best of friends.)
  • And lastly, I am just ever-so-slightly obsessed with the color dark teal. My car is teal, the shutters on our home are teal, I eat on teal plates, drink from teal mugs, write in teal notebooks, walk on my teal rug (in my teal slippers), and I like to cuddle up under a teal blanket with my dogs, who wear teal collars, and my husband, who has teal eyes (THE MAN HAS TEAL EYES!). So like I said, just ever-so-slightly obsessed… just a little.
If you still want to be seen with me in public after reading all the above, I would LOVE to meet *you*! How about for coffee? I like coffee; coffee turns strangers into friends; and I’m all about new friends. I’m also happy to Skype with you! Then I don’t have to wear pants…
I can’t wait to start working with you!

Oh, I almost forgot, disclaimer, if your DJ plays “Wobble Baby” at your reception, I will stop everything… and wobble. I will also indeed shuffle, shake it off, and uptown funk you up. For an example of my dancing, please see below.